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Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

  • Course Code :
    OMFS 412
  • Level :
  • Course Hours :
    3.00 Hours
  • Department :
    Faculty of Oral & Dental Medicine

Instructor information :

Area of Study :

1) learn the art of assessing patients and their suitability for all minor surgical procedures, by taking systematic history, including detailed medical history, thorough physical examination and using of investigations. 2) learn the methods and techniques employed for instituting infection control measures, sterilization, asepsis and disinfection. 3) educate students in administering local anesthesia for the different dental and oral surgery procedures. 4) enable the student to have intellectual and clinical skills in basic, complicated exodontias and minor oral surgical procedures based on an outpatient population. 5) learn about the intra-alveolar technique and the principles of forceps and elevators use. 6) study the indications for trans-alveolar technique, the designing of flaps, the methods employed for bone removal and the different types of suture material. 7) assess impacted teeth management as regard diagnosis, design mucoperiosteal flap and bone removal .

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Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

1 Trans-alveolar exodontia 2 Principals of using elevators 3 Complications of exodontia 4 Impacted teeth 5 Pre-prosthetic surgery 6 Medical emergencies in the dental office

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Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Course outcomes:

a. Knowledge and Understanding:

1- a1-Recall the indications and contra-indications of tooth extraction
2- a2- list the armentarium needed for minor oral surgery procedures
3- a3-Describe the techniques of forceps extraction and use of dental elevators for uncomplicated exodontia
4- a4- Identify the principles of mucoperiosteal flap design and surgical removal of teeth
5- a5- Recognize complications resulting from teeth extraction
6- a6 Diagnose impacted teeth that require removal
7- a7- Describe surgical techniques for removal of impacted teeth & complications associated with surgical removal
8- a8- State the management of medical emergencies that may occur in the dental office

b. Intellectual Skills:

1- B1- Relate the advantages and disadvantages of relevant treatment plans with patients
2- B2- Interpret clinical laboratory data and special investigations for formulating a proper diagnosis and treatment plan

c. Professional and Practical Skills:

1- c1- Perform an appropriate physical examination including intraoral and head and neck examination
2- c2.Prepare the armentarium and the treatment environment for minor oral surgery procedures
3- c3. Record personal data, medical history and vital signs
4- c4- Execute infection control and asepsis standards
5- c5- Perform pre-anesthetic evaluation / premedication
6- c6- Administer infiltration and nerve block local anesthesia
7- c7- Give postoperative instructions to the patient

d. General and Transferable Skills:

1- D1.Work in a team,
2- D2 Manage time efficiently.
3- D3. Communicate properly with patients

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Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Course topics and contents:

Topic No. of hours Lecture Tutorial/Practical
Surgical removal of teeth 6 2 4
Impacted teeth 9 3 6
Complications of exodontias 6 2 4
Preprosthetic surgery 6 2 4
Medical emergencies in the dental office 9 3 6

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Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Teaching And Learning Methodologies:

Teaching and learning methods
Clinical and Small group discussion :
4.2- Clinical and Small group discussion : . 4.3- Clinical training ( demonestration, skill practice, chair-side supervision )
Tutorial classes ( small group teaching, tutorial demonisteration, case presentation, radiographic interpretation)
4.1- Lectures

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Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Course Assessment :

Methods of assessment Relative weight % Week No. Assess What
Class work 20.00 1 assess Practical skills & general skills
1st Mid-term Examinations 10.00 4 assess knowledge and understanding
2nd midterm exam 20.00 10 assess knowledge and understanding
final written 25.00 16 assess knowledge and understanding
oral exam 10.00 16 knowledge and understanding & general intellectual skills
practical examination 15.00 15 assess Practical skills & general skills

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Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery


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Course notes :

• Teaching staff lecture notes handouts, ppt presentation, recorded lectures ) uploaded on Moodle.

Recommended books :

• Contemporary Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery by James Hupp.ed.7.2018. Copyright: © Mosby 2018 • Handbook of Local Anesthesia by Stanley F. Malamed. Ed.7.2020.Elsever

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